I thought I’d make this a weekend thing of just SoundCloud finds I enjoy.

1.) Ludovico Einaudo – “Life”:

I originally found this off of Spotify which I stopped using a while ago but I happened to find it on SoundCloud which is great. I like how story telling this composition is if you try to imagine. This is just a preview though, if you find the original song you’ll see what I mean.

2.) P. SUS – “Talk To Me”:

This track is one of those you can relax to while surfing the web and bobbing your head up and down.

3.)  P. SUS & Pogo Collaboration – “Journey002”:

I found P. SUS from Pogo and I love them both so to hear both of them together is a treat. I haven’t played the game but what I can tell from watching gameplay footage is that they’re sampling a a couple music cues which there are very few of in the game and lot of the foley sounds running in the sand, turning them into percussive stuff beautifully. There’s an interesting article on Gamasutra talking about how these sounds were created for the game, it’s worth reading.

4.) Pogo feat John Sean – “Mi Angel”:

I first heard this song on the video Pogo posted on his channel a couple days ago and ever I since I can’t stop listening to it. According to the description in the clip, a friend had shown Nick Berke (Pogo) a clip of this kid from Manila, Philippines singing this song for his girlfriend (Angel) and I guess inspiration hit and when Nick flew over to Manila again for a visit he helped produce this track for him. Just yesterday Nick had posted a video showing the making of the track.

5.) EZ Listening – “Up2U”:

I found this thanks to the repost on P. SUS’ Soundcloud page. I love this style of music, it’s so catchy and I can’t stop listening to it each day.

6.) The Conjuring inspired Sound Design by Me:

I watched The Conjuring on Tuesday, it was pretty good. I’m fan of Director James Wan’s 2010 horror “Insidious” and the trailer was pretty appealing to me. I’ll just say it wasn’t great but it wasn’t bad, there were too many jump scares but it was creepy enough to be enjoyable. Anyway I was inspired as I always am after watching a film and I put this together in 3 or 4 hours after I got back from the cinema. The creepy kid is my elder brother, he figured out how to record himself with the tape deck as a kid and would ruin my mom’s cassette tapes by recording himself singing into them. I’m happy to see Tapio Liukkonen of Kaamos Sound like it. If you don’t know he was the sound designer for Amnesia: The Dark Decent.

Anyway I hope there’s something here for you to like, see you next week.

Posted by: Stephen Saldanha | July 16, 2013

VIDEO: Bernie Krause: The voice of the natural world

Posted by: Stephen Saldanha | July 15, 2013

LISTEN #001: Empress Cicadas, Fishman Strike, Pogo, Grouch & More

I’ve been enjoying listening to a lot of field recordings and some new music lately, I thought I might share them if you care to take the time to listen. 🙂

This is a very cool soundscape, I’ve never heard of those Cicadas and they sound other worldly, it’s great.

I really like listening to field recordings in Italy, it seems like a such a people place. You hear voices more than you do traffic or birds, it’s really interesting. I found this whilst looking for recordings in Italy and I just thought it was a great little moment in time captured.

I love this recording by Field Recordist/Composer Andreas Bick, it paints a beautiful picture in your head and it’s very exotic sounding with all those howler monkeys in the distance. Natural reverberation is always very cool.

At one point I couldn’t stop listening to this song for a whole day, it’s so catchy and the lyrics are great. I love pretty much every thing Pogo posts on his SoundCloud, I would post a whole bunch of links on here but that would just be boring.

I was dining in at a Pizza place all alone one evening and to entertain myself I read a copy of The Red Bulletin, I was scrolling through and found an article with this New Zealand based producer and hearing about his production techniques using samples from old vinyls and field recordings got me intrigued so when I got home I checked out his SoundCloud page. He’s very diverse but I love this track, it never gets boring and I like how relaxing and warm it sounds. I’m glad to have taken the time to save his name down on my phone to check him out, I’m not very familiar with the local talent here and I doubt he’s super popular here but really should be.

I actually just found this like an hour ago and it made me want to make this post on here, cause I’ve been spamming a lot of these finds off SoundCloud and I thought why not have a series on here where I find what I like and post all the links in one go. Anyway this producer is New Zealand based as well and I was really amazed by his production value, this guy should really be more well known in the world. This track is really well produced with a great sound design and use of field recordings, I love that little frog.

I’m in love with this film, the music and all the work put into it to make it come to life, I’m glad Russ Hughes was able to set this up for us, Mr. Hayes’ work is very inspiring and he deserves all the recognition he’s been getting for it. It’s nice to see even actors like Anne Hathaway giving her respect to his work and hoping he wins an Oscar.

[Click the image to go to the page]

Simon Hayes & Audio Team

Posted by: Stephen Saldanha | January 16, 2013

Interview with Re-Recording Mixer Greg P. Russell for Skyfall

Posted by: Stephen Saldanha | December 30, 2012

Things I’ve Worked On Recently

I’m a terrible blogger I’m sorry, but I found something worth posting about. Here’s a couple of videos I’ve put together and a trailer for the first short film I had opportunity to do some sound editing and mixing on.



Posted by: Stephen Saldanha | August 25, 2012

Field Recordings from Shortcuts

“Shortcuts” is an exercise organized by my film school where we shoot 25 dramas each 90 seconds long with a large crew under the guidance of industry professionals. I was lucky enough to get to know and work with one of New Zealand’s best production mixers Mike Westgate along with his apprentice and previous graduate Ande Schurr. I gained a little bit more knowledge on the technical side of things but more importantly, how to respectfully converse with other head of departments to get the job done properly and dealing with compromises on sound to keep the shoot running smoothly. Not to mention I’m going to copy Mr. Westgate and feed an output to my H4n next time so I can capture and make use of any useable production FX to add to my library, I usually record stuff during any downtime I get which is how I captured these recordings off the 6 shooting at these locations:

Posted by: Stephen Saldanha | June 15, 2012

One Day FREE GIVEAWAY from Arturia – Minimoog V Plugin

One Day FREE GIVEAWAY from Arturia – Minimoog V Plugin

5 Days Left to Grab it!

No fancy pictures for this one, but here are few sounds from Auckland and one that I’d never thought I’d enjoy listening back to again.

St Mary’s Catholic Church:

Bungy Rocket Shoot, Beside The Skytower:

Dubai Metro, Arriving at Khalid Bin Al Waleed Station:

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